GPS Logger

GPS Logger

RC Flight Assist can be used as a GPS Logger. The data is stored on Micro SD card in kml format, which can be opened directly in Google Earth. The fly path is visualized as a line in 3D space as an animated track. The logger is controled by several options. At First the stream speed frequency can be changed, than means the coordinates can be saved every 0.5-60 seconds. Secondly, the GPS data acquiring speed can be changed as 1, 5 or 10 times per second. You can also manually set the accurate reference altitude thus the plot will be at exact height. The altitude measurement rely on high accurate barometrer sensor MPL3115A2 but it is not obligatory to be used. In case of barometer missing, the altitude data is acquired from GPS. The Logger can work in two mode.

Automatic mode

Automatic mode was designed for acrobatic flights, so the pilot do not have to remember to enable or disable Logger before each flight. The logger will start when the airplane fly in the flight zone, and stop on leaving it.

Manual mode

Manual mode along with attached barometer make of RCFA a high quality GPS Logger. In this mode the Logger must be enabled and disabled manually everytime by pressing relevant buttons on the transmitter. To reduce energy drain, the radio module can be turned off.